Survival Guidelines in the Modern World

Lifestyle Survival Guide
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In the modern times, time element is given much value in order to survive the constantly changing world. People are striving and competing in order to reach their career goals and to impress people around them without realizing that in the process, they are neglecting their body and compromising their health.

Unfortunately, not most people give attention to their health unless they start feeling bad or getting sick. Living healthy is as precious as wealth. In fact, making some efforts to be healthy has long term benefits.

Building a healthy habit can positively affect the person physically, mentally and emotionally. It might difficult to start living healthy because you need to change your lifestyle otherwise, would you rather end up being confined in a hospital at a young age or break the bank paying for costly hospital bills?

It might take tedious efforts and discipline but it would be worthwhile and the changes might be surprisingly good. The following tips can help sustain a healthier mind, body and life:

1. Avoid stress eating

Some people overeat and tend to eat more for comfort as a defense mechanism. Learn to manage stress levels and realize that eating too much won’t help in solving the problem. Instead of turning to food to lessen the stress, start finding for the root cause and act on it.

2. Exercise Regularly

Exercising regularly can help improve one’s mood and decrease feelings of depression, anxiety and stress. In addition, it can also help in weight loss, boost energy level and brain activities. Thus, making it a daily routine to exercise offers great benefits to improve every aspect of life which also radiates in skin appearance which makes you look beautiful inside out.

3. Avoid too much sun exposure

Who doesn’t want to stay looking radiant and young? UV rays could be harmful and can cause skin cancer. Staying away from the sun exposure guarantees younger looking skin and prevents skin diseases brought by too much exposure. You may want to add sunscreen to your skin care to defy aging and maintain a fresher and younger look.

4. Avoid vices

Drinking and smoking can speed up aging and studies have shown that these vices can increase the risk of cancer and other diseases. Many people fall to these vices because they wanted to be accepted or they wanted to escape problems. It might be difficult to break these vicious vices but trying to avoid them will help prolong and live a healthier life.

5. Drink 8 glasses of water or more

Our body is composed mostly of water. Drinking water promotes cardiovascular health, and helps cleanse toxins from the body. Staying hydrated helps to balance your blood sugar, relieve headaches, and promote healthy skin.

6. Proper hygiene

Keeping the body clean prevents illnesses and infection from bacteria or viruses. Creating a personal hygiene can ensures and promotes a healthier life.

7. Life line

Create a life support system who would look after you in times that you are lonely or depressed. Building a network of friends of family makes you happier and healthier. Loneliness can pose risk to people thus one must make an effort to reach out to people. Sharing problems won’t solve anything but it can lessen the burden in one’s heart.

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