7 Best Portable Oxygen Concentrators in 2020

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Oxygen is one of the most essential elements of life, but when complications arise and we find ourselves having difficulty breathing, then Portable Oxygen Concentrators are definitely life savers.

portable oxygen concentrator
Portable Oxygen Concentrators

These handheld devices are small, convenient, and easy to carry with you. Don’t let diseases hinder your freedom—Portable Oxygen Concentrators are the answer! They will provide therapy for patients suffering from lung diseases such as Emphysema and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). They filter the air by removing dust and particles, providing the patient a clean and healthy supply of oxygen no matter where they are! And when else are Portable Oxygen Machines more important than in the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Portable Oxygen Concentrators are readily available on market shelves, accessible to anybody who needs them. But with a highly demanded, life-saving product comes a heavily-saturated market. This goes for Portable Oxygen Concentrators as well. With that being said, it can be rather tedious running through brands, trying to figure out for ourselves which among the bunch is the best, especially when the market only continues to grow.

This is a comprehensive review of 7 of the best Portable Oxygen Concentrators available in 2020. We will go over the product, its advantages, and disadvantages. Let’s get started.

7. AirSep Focus

AirSep Focus
  • Lightest on the Market
  • Ultra-sensitive technology
  • Easy to Use

We’re kicking off the list with something small. Just barely exceeding the size of your palm, the AirSep Focus is the lightest and smallest Portable Oxygen Concentrator ever invented. It’s how it got it’s name, the “Mini Portable Oxygen Concentrator”. It’s easy to use, ultra-sensitive, and it doesn’t look like something that came out of a hospital so feel free to wear this unit over your shoulder everywhere you go! The AirSep focus is a life-saving device you can store in your purse—the ultimate user convenience!


Lightest on the Market
You can hardly feel weight in carrying this Portable Oxygen Concentrator with you! The AirSep Focus comes in at a record 1.75 pounds, the lightest Oxygen Concentrator on the market. Whether or not you love to travel, its lightweight design is a blessing all around, especially if you hate its bigger, heavier, and bulkier counterparts.

Ultra-Sensitive Technology
The AirSep Focus doesn’t skip a beat! Its extremely sensitive to breathing, and will always pick up a breath.

Easy to Use
The AirSep Focus is the simplest Portable Oxygen Concentrator on the list. All you need to do is flick the ON switch when you want to use it, and flick it OFF when you’re done. It’s that easy! If we’re basing on user-friendliness alone, the AirSep Focus would have taken the crown.


Low Oxygen Output
Of course, the smaller the machine is, the more functionality it sacrifices. The oxygen output of the AirSep Focus is the lowest on the list, with only 330ml/min. Unfortunately, this output is not nearly enough oxygen for a majority of oxygen patients.

Limited Flow Setting
The AirSep Focus has a 2 pulse setting only. It does not go higher than that, it does not even go lower than that. This is not enough for a lot of oxygen patients. Furthermore, it only provides pulse flow, so patients who prefer a continuous flow sadly won’t get any use for this product.

6. Philips Respironics SimplyGo

Philips Respironics SimplyGo
  • Portable
  • Continuous and Pulse Dose Modes
  • Fast Charging
  • Easy to use

Whether you’re traveling a lot or staying at home, Philip Respironics will answer to all of your oxygen therapy needs! Stationary oxygen concentrators are bulky, but with its travel-friendly design, you wont have to worry about portability one bit! Its sturdiness and versatility are highly attractive to the eyes of users.


The SimplyGo Oxygen Concentrator is made with people who travel a lot in mind. It’s relatively light baggage and hand-height stand makes it super easy to bring with you. If you don’t like pulling things around, the SimplyGo Oxygen Concentrator also has a shoulder strap.

Continuous and Pulse Dose Modes
The SimplyGo Oxygen Concentrator is well known for its continuous and pulse dose flow modes. It’s actually their only model that can deliver a pulse dose of 1-6 LPM and a continuous flow of 1-2 LPM in such a lightweight model.

Fast Charging
The SimplyGo Oxygen Concentrator has an AC and DC power adapter for user convenience. Charging with either will get you from 0% to 100% in 3 hours max! It’s one of the quickest charges in the market. You can even charge it while in use!

Easy to Use
The SimplyGo Oxygen Concentrator was made to be user-friendly. It’s easy to use, and it’s easy to set up! It comes with a display that allows you to monitor the battery levels, oxygen flow, notifications, and alerts.


According to common user complaints, the SimplyGo Oxygen Concentrator makes a lot of noise when in use. It can be quite distracting, especially when you’re trying to sleep.

Sparky Power Cord
Be careful when plugging in the cord. Make sure to plug it into the machine first before plugging it into the wall socket. Users who have done otherwise have reported an electrical spark, which can be quite dangerous.

The only reason the SimplyGo is not further down this list is its bulkiness. Its the biggest Portable Oxygen Concentrator on this list, and if you’re planning on traveling super light then this unit is not for you. It still makes a great stationary home oxygen concentrator, however.

5. ResMed Mobi

ResMed Mobi
  • Long Battery Life
  • Pulse Dose
  • Light
  • Easy to Use

If you’re looking for a high tier Oxygen Concentrator you can bring with you, then the ResMed Mobi Portable Oxygen Concentrator is a good pick! It boasts a promising battery life, a lightweight design, and pulse dose technology! This product is ResMed’s pride and joy.


Long Battery Life
The ResMed Mobi has one of the longest battery life in the market, giving you up to 6 hours of battery freedom in a single charge! You won’t have to constantly worry about your Oxygen shutting down on you, not with ResMed!

Pulse Dose
The ResMed Mobi offers a pulse dose system that allows oxygen to flow in quick bursts. The unit detects if the user is breathing before it releases a burst of oxygen. When the unit detects a halt, the flow of oxygen halts as well.

The ResMed Mobi is one of the lightest Portable Oxygen Concentrators on the market. Around 5.5 pounds, you won’t even notice its weight when you pack it with you!

Easy to Use
The ResMed Mobi comes with a built-in control panel that allows you to monitor a variety of things. It shows you notifications, alarms, and signals when necessary, gives you control over your units settings, and allows you to track your therapy session.


Although the ResMed Mobi quieter than most Portable Oxygen Concentrator, there is still a noticeable “hum” that patients and users pick up. It may be unnoticeable for some, but definitely annoying for others.

Longer Charging Time
The ResMed Mobi has a powerful battery and as such it would take a longer time to charge. This unit takes at least 4 hours of charging time, which might disappoint fans of fast-charging Portable Oxygen Concentrators.

4. O2P Portable Oxygen Concentrator

O2P Portable Oxygen Concentrator
  • Pulse Dose Algorithm
  • Quick to Start
  • Noise Compressor
  • Hard to Damage

For the oxygen patients not in America, let’s take a look at the O2P Portable Oxygen Concentrator. As Europe’s leading brand, the O2P features a sleek and lightweight design, complete with a quiet and energy-efficient machine. It’s a high-quality Portable Oxygen Concentrator. For the non-American oxygen patients looking to get their own unit, then the O2P is your best bet!


Pulse Dose Algorithm
The O2P has an algorithm programmed to detect a patient’s breathing pattern! With this information, the machine adjusts the oxygen flow it delivers according to the breathing pattern of the patient. It helps ease the patient, and ensures a soothing oxygen therapy session!

Quick to Start
Most Portable Oxygen Concentrators in the market today take an average of 2 minutes to start up. The O2P cuts that in half and releases oxygen under a minute after starting it up! It’s the fastest start-up in this list.

Noise Compressor
The O2P is not the most silent of Portable Oxygen Concentrators, producing 49 dBA, which is as loud as moderate rainfall, its low-noise compressor does a great job of suppressing the noise. If you’re using the O2P in your room, you shouldn’t be able to distinguish it from the background noise you normally have in your house.

Hard to Damage
The O2P is built with a sleek and compact design. Its smooth edges and angles make it easy to carry with you, and, most importantly, difficult to damage. The O2P is designed to last, and is very durable. Although we do not recommend testing the durability of the unit intentionally, you should be able to rely on the O2P to serve you for many years.


Short Battery Life
Even Europe’s leading Portable Oxygen Concentrator brand has its shortcomings. The O2P is great, but its biggest flaw is its battery. You’ll only get 3.5 hours of usage in it before its battery needs to be charged again.

Long Charging Time
With such a short battery life, you would think that it wouldn’t take long to charge, right? Well, you might be disappointed to find that the O2P takes 5 whole hours to charge! That’s the longest charging time of all the Portable Oxygen Concentrators on this list, and if that bothers you, then continue down on the list.

3. ResMed ActivOx 4L

ResMed ActivOx 4L
  • Integrated Internal Battery
  • Travel-friendly
  • Pulse Dose

Here’s another product of ResMed with traveling in mind: The ResMed ActivOx 4L! Weighing as little as 4.8 pounds, it’s the perfect traveling size, especially when you’re equipped with the 4-way carrying case! Not only that, it has a great battery life as well, so all you have to do is worry where your going and get your readily-available oxygen dose the moment you need it. ActivOx makes it that easy!


Integrated Internal Battery
Why have 3.5 hours of battery life when you can have 10? ResMed kept the battery-conscious in mind when designing the ResMed ActivOx 4L. Its integrated battery can be combined with an external battery, greatly increasing its battery life.

Though not the lightest Portable Oxygen Concentrator on this list, its lighter than a majority of Oxygen Concentrators on the market, making it a perfect unit for traveling! You can thank the design for being so compact and lightweight.

Pulse Dose
The ResMed ActiVox 4L offers a pulse dose oxygen flow, designed to waste as little oxygen as possible when in use. It also helps extend the battery life quite a bit.


Long Charging Time
The ResMed ActiVox 4L normally takes around 4 hours to fully charge, but oxygen patients have reported the charging time being longer.

2. Inogen One G4 System

Inogen One G4 System
  • Compact
  • Intelligent Deliver
  • Output and Size Balance

The Inogen One G4 System fixes a lot of the issues Mini Portable Oxygen Concentrators like the AirSep Focus have. It’s definitely not as “invisible” as the AirSep Focus, but it is a lot more functional. With a higher oxygen output balanced with a lightweight design, the Inogen One G4 System has made it a favorite for many oxygen patients around the world! See Inogen Oxygen Concentrator here.


The Inogen One G4 is often compared with the AirSep Focus because of how similar they are in size and weight. And the G4 is definitely one of the smallest and lightest Portable Oxygen Concentrator on the market. You’ll still feel a slight tug, carrying the G4, but this unit is a feather compared to a majority of Portable Oxygen Concentrators on the market!

Intelligent Deliver
Inogen wanted no hindrance in the daily life of oxygen patients. The Inogen One G4, thanks to Intelligent Deliver technology, will deliver a dose of oxygen upon a single breath efficiently. It even adjusts according to the activity you’re doing based on how much oxygen your body requires!

Output and Size Balance
The smaller the product, the more convenient it is for oxygen patients. The Inogen One G4 fixes a lot of the issues the AirSep Focus faced, offering 3 pulse flow settings and an oxygen output of 630 ml/min, all in a compact 2.8 pounds!


Low Oxygen Output
Pretty much the only drawback the Inogen One G4 has is its low oxygen output. Sure, it nearly doubled the oxygen output of the AirSep Focus and is only a pound heavier, but for some oxygen patients, the output can still be quite lacking. This is an issue Inogen will address in their next product, the Inogen One G5 System.

1. Inogen One G5 System

inogen one g5
  • Quiet
  • Longest Battery Life
  • Light
  • Most Oxygen Per Pound

Inogen has produced some of the top Oxygen Concentrators on the market, and their Inogen One G5 System is their greatest product yet. When it comes to the best, Inogen One G5 takes the crown! It’s not hard to find articles and review blogs on the internet praising the G5. Weighing less than 5 pounds, this portable device is the most powerful Oxygen Concentrator on the market.


An issue with a lot of Oxygen Concentrators is the noise they make. Not the Inogen One G5 System! This unit operates at a noise level of 38 dBA, no louder than a whisper from a few feet away.

Longest Battery Life
If you care about a long battery life then you’ll love the Inogen One G5 System. You can get up to 13 hours of run time in a single charge with the double battery! There are very few competitors who can be at par with such longevity.

While it’s not as light as its predecessor, the G4, the Inogen One G5 System is one of the lightest Oxygen Concentrators ever produced! Size and capacity often clashes when it comes to Portable Oxygen Concentrators, as we have seen in a few products on this list, but the G5 nailed the sweet spot well. Many would argue that the G5 is the most efficient Portable Oxygen Concentrator for its size.

Most Oxygen Per Pound
Inogen likes to tinker with efficiency more than anything else in their products, which is why it’s no surprise that it’s their product, the Inogen One G5 System, that boasts the greatest oxygen output for a unit its size. It has 6 flow settings, and can deliver an oxygen output of 1260ml/min!


No Continuous Flow
A lot of Portable Oxygen Concentrators don’t have a continuous flow option, largely because of its battery life consumption, but the lack of this options means a lot of the market does not get to enjoy the G5.