Can We Really Trust Inogen One G5?

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Technology has gone past the need to carry around heavy tanks and continuous flow concentrators, especially when portable and adaptable solutions could very much literally carry a considerable weight off your shoulders. Better yet, most has been optimized to accommodate many respiratory patients out there (though you should still consult with a specialist to fully understand what you need). And if you’ve heard of or scrolled through a couple of ‘portable oxygen’ or ‘lightweight oxygen concentrators’, then you may have probably heard of Inogen, Inc. and its series of high-end machines. If not, then it’s about time to hop on board one of the leading manufacturers of the most reliable and high-quality oxygen concentrators in the market. You better get to know Inogen One G5.

inogen one g5
Inogen One G5

Especially their newly released product from their “G” series, the Inogen One G5, a huge jump from their G4 and G3 models, performance-wise as well as a top pick for every oxygen flow needs.

But we know you aren’t about to put your money on the line just like that and call it a day – choosing the right portable oxygen concentrator for you isn’t a simple decision to make. Not when every patient has different needs and you still need a consultation and maybe a quick research here and there. With all the models and specifications out there in the market, one might not help but ask, “Can I trust this?

In this case, “Can I trust Inogen One G5 to be the best option as my oxygen concentrator?”

Luckily, we’re here to ease some of your worries and tell you exactly what you’re getting into with the Inogen One G5, aside from it having an impressive oxygen per pound compared to its fellow brands – because what’s a better way than to tell you everything about the Inogen One G5 so you can understand if it’s right for you?

No sweeping under the carpet. No pressure. Just facts. And maybe a solid “yes, I trust this” after?


Not only is the Inogen One G5 the latest and most advanced model from Inogen, Inc., but it’s also considered the most powerful inogen oxygen concentrator among its counterparts in the market. Out of all the design types released by the company, Inogen One G5 certainly reigns superior from the G2 and even the popular G4 series, bringing the best out of both worlds. What the Inogen One G2 lacks in portability and the Inogen One G4 in oxygen output, the versatility and breakthrough features of the newest model make up for, and even more.

inogen one g5
Easy to Carry Inogen One G5

The Inogen One G5 was made with the user convenience and overall performance improvement in mind, with its consistently high oxygen output, lightweight design, and great battery life all merged into one product and making it the perfect portable oxygen concentrator for all kinds of patients with different needs. Not to mention that this particular brand, similar to its fellow Inogen models, has a user-friendly interface and has been designed with easy-to-read LCD displays and simple control functions, further giving emphasis to usability and functionality. In addition, with the product’s long battery life and portability, Inogen One G5 is a reliable companion that enables the patient’s independence, carrying on with their day-to-day activities and travels with no hassle, no heavy carts, and no worries of not delivering enough oxygen (it’s FAA approved, too!).

And we’re just getting started. It’s got the Inogen, Inc. touch of superior quality portable oxygen machine and leading research in the field of oxygen therapy, alright. But why Inogen One G5? What’s it got that others don’t?

Don’t worry – we’ve got a couple things listed down that might interest you in some way:

1. It’s easy to carry around

Easy to Carry Inogen One G5

You might be hearing portable and lightweight too many times to count, not only because oxygen therapy has generally evolved from the use of carts and heavy tanks, but also because it’s exactly what Inogen One G5 is. Completely eliminating the flaw of the heavyweight G2 (but that’s with a high oxygen output) by weighing exactly 4.7 pounds, it immediately places itself among the lightest oxygen concentrators in the market, without even compromising oxygen flow and battery life.

Convenience and hassle-free have never sounded better. With the height of approximately 8.15″ and a weight of not more than a bottle of 2-liter soda, Inogen One G5 users are spared of the burden of rolling carts and limited locomotion. You can walk around the streets and go as far as travelling by air without any troubles. With this, there’s less barrier for you to be active and enjoy you day. Seriously though, you really might want to avoid rolling carts for your oxygen concentrators.

It’s a huge weight on your shoulders (literally) and might cause injury especially if you have special attachments to your device. Plus, it’s not suitable for bumpy pavements and transportation.

2. Can be used 24/7, day and night

Easy to Carry Inogen One G5

Just like the other Inogen models, the Inogen One G5 is clinically proven and designed for day or night oxygen use, which is especially helpful for people whose breathing rate may change or sustains shallow breaths while sleeping and would like to sleep with oxygen support. This model has a “Sleep Mode Technology” allowing your device to run efficiently not only in the day, but also reliably in the night. Paired with its ability to detect breathing patterns and giving you enough oxygen for every inhale, there’s no need to buy another oxygen concentrator at night nor worry about it shutting down on you (not when its processors are designed for about 2.3 years of continuous use).

The Inogen One G5 is also compatible with the CPAP and BiPAP machines, so to everyone with sleep disorders that’s required to use these machines for opening up your airways – we got your back (though, you should continue to consult with your respective specialists). All there’s left is for you to lay back, turn on your Inogen One G5 and sleep in the peace of its 38 decibel, non-existent noise, one of the quietest among the rest.

3. Long external battery life

inogen one g5 battery

This is a key feature in Inogen’s newest model, one which stands out in the “G” series of POCs and is one of the most important features in portable oxygen concentrators. The Inogen One G5’s battery is unlike those with its predecessors – it makes use of an external, easily rechargable and replaceable battery located in the bottom part of the device and can be readily removed with a pull of a tab. No need for an expert to replace batteries, nor worry about not being able to gauge your battery life, which is the case for internal batteries.

Because of the 16-Cell double battery installed, the device can continue running for up to 13 hours (at a setting of 2) and can be plugged in anywhere and anytime at your convenience with its AC power supply and DC cable. That’s up to 13 hours of uninterrupted walking, doing activities, and whatnot, without worrying whether it can last for long, for only a single charge. That makes the Inogen One G5 a contender for the longest battery life for a portable oxygen concentrator, putting a whole emphasis on what it means to be portable and convenient.

4. Impressive oxygen output

inogen one g5 oxygen output

One concern with ultra-small units is the maximum amount of oxygen it can deliver, saying that the smaller the device is, the lesser the oxygen output it has. It is, once again, something that the Inogen One G5 has broken out of and even went beyond considering its 4.7-pound weight. It surpasses the popular Inogen One G4 with twice the oxygen flow setting, with a whopping 6 levels, making it suitable for both low and high-flow oxygen users. Adding its excellent 1,260 mL of oxygen output per minute to that list, too.

Inogen’s Intelligent Pulse Delivery, as mentioned previously, can seriosuly save up energy compared to tanks with continuous oxygen flow. Another point for efficiency, right there. Also, what’s a good portable oxygen concentrator if it doesn’t match your daily lifestylee and activities? With the wide range of pulse flows and lightweight features, Inogen One G5 can answer that.

And if you think it all ends there, then wait ’til you hear of this mighty perk: if you’re on your phone as often as you use a POC, then why not take advantage of both? Inogen One G5 is Bluetooth-enabled and has its own mobile application which can be downloaded for free! It’s a huge help for those who are constantly anxious about battery life and other aspects. And it literally takes minutes to set up with your Inogen One G5.

With the Inogen Connect App, you can quickly check the status of your Inogen devices by looking at your phones or tablets, including the battery status, sieve column life, oxygen purity status, and cannula and filter maintenance updates. You can also set your pulse flow settings and perform your column resets there.

And of course, it doesn’t go without the latest Inogen One G5 software updates, user manual, troubleshooting information, and frequently asked questions. If that doesn’t give you the peace of mind about whether the Inogen One G5 is working as you want even if your device isn’t by your side – don’t worry, it will.


Too long to read it through? Here’s a summary of all the great highlights of the Inogen One G5:

  • Super lightweight (at 4.7 pounds), discrete, and perfect on-the-go
  • Pulse flow settings of 1-6, the most out of the previous Inogen models
  • Maximum Oxygen Output of 1,260 mL, the most for many concentrators in the market
  • Battery life of up to 13 hours (at setting 2)
  • 24/7, day and night oxygen delivery
  • Status can be viewed with the Inogen Connect App
  • Suitable for both high and low-flow oxygen patients
  • FAA approved for airline travel
  • Compatible with CPAP and BiPAP machines
Why Inogen One g5


You probably know about what the Inogen One G5 can offer and are wondering how everything gets into play. To simply tell you, it’s like how you would use any oxygen support system, but better.
Portable oxygen concentrators have been around for quite some time and is no doubt a great innovation in oxygen therapy, allowing people that consistently needs oxygen support the freedom and flexibility for activities that are hindered by the traditional tanks and rolling carts.

With the same, rather even more benefits and results, no less. The Inogen One G5 just so happened to meet and extend from these qualities and double the focus on functionality, efficiency. and user convenience. Basically, it’s one of the most high-end, quality lightweight oxygen system in the market today.

inogen one g5 usage

It’s best that you first consult with your specialist no doubt, especially with respiratory patients who have different needs, on the right specifications and the ideal unit for each case. But all in all, the Inogen One G5 is designed to accommodate a huge range of patient needs, with its flexible and high oxygen output optimal for high and low-flow users.

You can take advantage of so many of its features, starting with it’s 13-hour battery life and 4.7 pound weight, probably for the most comfortable travels you’re ever going to experience. Use the FAA approval to easily bring up an Inogen One G5 on a plane without trouble, though you still have to follow some steps such as securing a doctor’s prescription, contacting the airline, and double-checking requirements. There’s also the Sleep Mode Technology to keep your slumbers at peace.

The Inogen Connect App is available completely at your disposal, too, and is a great tool to help you check battery status, oxygen purity, and all that. Connecting it with your Inogen One G5 alone can offer many benefits and gives you the peace of mind that you need.

The actual Inogen One G5, as if its functionalities aren’t enough, can be customized and bundled with your preferred accessories and batteries, just so it could really make room for any particular patient need and personalize it to your wants.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How much will it cost me?

It may differ depending on where you’re buying from, but the average price is not too far off from the G3 and the G4 series within the $2300s-$2400s range, but with gap in quality, functionality, and design, it’s definitely worth the price. And you don’t want to miss out on our constant promos, discounts, and other perks.

2. What does it come with?

The basic Inogen One G5 package comes with the concentrator itself, 16 Cell single or double rechargeable battery sizes that you can choose from, the AC power supply and DC power cable, a carry bag and the manual. The Inogen Connect App is also free to download on the App store and with the Inogen One G5’s Bluetooth system, you can connect it within minutes. Meanwhile, there are also other packages, attachments, and accessories you can choose around with if you’d like to customize your G5 package.

3. Is the product safe?

Before deciding on the portable oxygen concentrator that you’re going to be buying, it’s better to ask your doctor or any other specialist to list down your required needs and recommended specifications first. With Inogen One G5, the range of pulse flow oxygen output as well as its Intelligent Delivery Technology can assure you that the product can accommodate varying needs and is sure to deliver just the needed amount of oxygen for the patient.

Rest assured that the Inogen One G5, like the Inogen product that it is, is fully tested and backed by peer-reviewed clinical studies for patients’ everyday usage, travel, and most importantly, while sleeping. No worries, there’s always insurance in your part.

4. Does it have warranty?

For brand new Inogen products, there’s always a guarantee of warranty. Depending on the store you are buying from, the warranty duration varies (though, it’s always there!). Some could offer 3 years of warranty, though it’s better to call the manufacturers directly for all the necessary details.

5. Is it FAA approved?

A most definite yes. You can carry an Inogen One G5 straight up to any major airlines without too much trouble. But remember that there are necessary steps and planning that takes place before flying such as:

  • Contacting your physician or specialist and asking for a doctor’s prescription indicating your needs and other reminders.
  • Contacting the airlines about your need for an oxygen support and giving them any information they might need, depending on the airline.
  • Charge the Inogen One G5 to its full capacity and bring your AC adapter, just in case.
  • Alert employees upon arrival about your needs and if any alternate processes are available.
  • Make sure your oxygen concentrator is approved before leaving the gates.