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An Open Letter to My Health Freak Buddy

You’ve done so much effort to stay fit and healthy.  It is because you knew how important health is not only physically but emotionally.  If you’re eating the right food and keeping a fit body, it will help you be strong and aid you in coping with stress and illnesses. Besides, a healthy body is a big contributing factor for a more active, productive and fulfilling life. Thus, guarantees a longer life. 

We both know how hard it is to maintain a proper and balanced diet. I remember and have witnessed a numerous times you have avoided the temptation of craving and opt for a healthier choice when it comes to food. You also never forget to stay hydrated because a balanced diet includes right amount liquid for the body.

Another thing that I admire so much about you, despite your busy schedule, you are able to allot time for exercise. You built daily exercise into your routine and at the same time, you have been a motivator for us to achieve our goal weight and keep a healthier body. In addition, you have also created a team for us to support each other and stay on track. 

Furthermore, you advised us to have adequate sleep since it plays a vital role in your performance during the day. Sleep essentially heal and repair your body, regulates the hormones, support body’s growth and development, gives immunity. 

By following these guidelines, you are able to enjoy an active lifestyle. What is your secret for knowing those stuffs? You don’t have medical degree but you subscribe to a health journal and share everything you have read to us about some health reports and findings. Many doctors wanted to reveal the breakthroughs in clinical studies however they are not disclosed in public. 

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should grab a copy of the leading health newsletter:


It is efficient in providing the latest health findings of leading medical doctors, health centres and hospitals from reliable sources.  In the midst of digital revolution, data could be used to our advantage. Thus, would secure a healthier and active lifestyle.


Despite that often times, some findings remain unpublicized, It can bypass media and bring you some of the developments every step of the way regarding health, medicine, nutrition fitness or prevention.

People can greatly benefit from the newsletter since it teaches the do’s and don’ts in staying healthy and how to live longer.  There is no need to worry about some technical journals intended for doctors because the newsletter is written comprehensively.


You are certain that the newsletter is very objective in writing and accepts no advertising. Health publications must play their function which is to serve people and not to make money from advertising.

In a nutshell, the newsletter is the cheapest and most effective health protection ever made. Who knows, the information it carries could be life-saving information that some have been dying to know.

I am very much driven in sharing what I have learned from you. I know that by sharing this knowledge will promote productivity and extend the life span of more people. I am so thankful for the new purpose in life that I have discovered and I feel blessed for the opportunity you have given me as fellow health coach. 

In Good Health,

Health Coach