10 Rules To Live Longer Everyone Should Know

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We, the Gadsen Health, know that most people would desire to live a longer, healthier life. So, we compiled some tips and rules for you to follow to have a longer lifespan. Here are ten important rules for longer life:

1. Quit smoking.

As cliche as it sounds, quitting smoking is heard everywhere and, for good reason. Smoking causes most of the fatal diseases and can even affect other people. In the United States, smoking is ranked as the leading cause of death. Cardiovascular disease, respiratory diseases, and even cancer can develop in your system. 

If you never smoked, then don’t consider lighting a cigarette. If you smoke, better stop as early as possible to prevent addiction. Smoking can be preventable and, if you want to live a longer life, drop that cigar and switch to a better lifestyle.

2. Monitor your drinking. 

Alcohol can be a cause of anyone’s early death but if you keep it moderate, then no need to worry. Moderate consumption may reduce the likelihood of developing several diseases and, a significant decrease in the risk of early death. 


Wine can also be your choice of drink since it has different antioxidants and benefits. However, if you choose not to drink, that’s better.

3. Be happy.

Happiness is linked to life longevity. According to a scientific study, being happy increased a few years to a person’s life. It may have to do something with the happiness level beating the possibility of developing depression.  Not only does happiness gives a boost to your mood, but it also lengthens your life. 

Taking care of our emotional well-being can give a significant change in our lives. So don’t forget to crack a smile and just be happy!

4. Your sleeping pattern matters.

Sleep can have a large effect on the body’s overall health. After all, it aids in cell function and healing. Studies reported that having a regular sleeping routine may be associated with life longevity. 

Sleep duration is also a factor. A balanced 7-8 hours of sleep can do the trick. Having too much sleep can be linked to depression and unhealthy shape while having too little can lessen the quality of cell regeneration and function. In summary, getting regular sleep that ranges from 7-8 hours can influence your life span.

5. Stop being stressed. 

Stress can kill you, and that’s a fact. Stress can affect your body negatively in so many ways. It may contribute to various mental illnesses, heart diseases, high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes. Chronic stress may lead to elevated cortisol can increase cholesterol levels, heart diseases, and lower immune functions. 

So, take things easy and relax. Have peace of mind and live life better and longer.

6. Pump up.

Regular exercising can extend your life by reducing the risk of getting diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and many more. Habitual aerobic exercises like jogging, dancing, cycling, and swimming are proven to have numerous benefits, not just in maintaining physical shape, but also in mental aspects. 

Get up and set your morning exercise routine because we’re going to pump up!

7. Be sociable. 

Having a healthy social circle and bonding with other people can lengthen your life. By strengthening your mental health, maintaining your relationship can boost your mood, increase your happiness hormones and decrease stress, therefore adding years to your lifespan.

8. Say no to processed foods. 

Processed foods contain high levels of sugar, jam-packed with artificial ingredients and refined carbohydrates. High levels of sugar mean diabetes, artificial ingredients mean unwanted chemicals and, refined carbohydrates means a spike in blood sugar levels. 

These alone can make you question what other things are there in that hotdog on your plate or the hamburger you’re eating right now.

9. Maintain your weight. 

Managing your weight can lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and high blood pressure. This is because being overweight and, obese have a higher chance of getting several fatal diseases.

10. Take your multivitamins. 

Whether it’s capsules or pills, supplements can store needed vitamins and nutrients for your physical well-being. Just make sure you don’t take too much as it leads to overdose and, a prescription from the doctor can guarantee you the normal dosage. 

Vitamins like Calcium, Vitamin C and Lycopene are needed mainly by old people since Calcium strengthens bones, Vitamin C can combat diseases and, Lycopene can strengthen the heart. 


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