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News, as we see it on TV or in many websites, will almost always consist of either the weather forecast for tomorrow or the launching of the next model of your favorite phone. It’s true, though, that keeping yourself updated with the “outside world” is essential in your everyday life just like if you wanted to treat yourself for a night in an out of town, you would order in Naperville Limo Service to have a great time. But, little did you know, you’re starting to forget something far more important than the catchy headlines on your screen – your life. More specifically, your health. And unless it’s a major breakthrough or an aggressive plague, health news would be a rarity in your local channels.

Online health news providers such as Gadsden Health are important outlets that fill in this information gap for people to get a glimpse of what’s new and happening in the health field. Health professionals aren’t the only ones who need to look through health news, too – they don’t have to be so technical! You, who’s sitting in front of your screen reading this, could use a quick fact about the newest medications, or read about someone experiencing the same pain as you are. Maybe one day, you’ll thank yourself for reading that one article and being of help to the people you love.

So, spare a bit of your time and do a quick search about why you’re feeling easily tired these past few days, or how much water you need to drink today. You’ll be surprised at the amount of beneficial knowledge you’ve been missing on, maybe even realizing how you’ve been ignoring the pain in your neck for a month now and are now afraid of a serious threat to your health.

Gadsden Health will alleviate your stressors and lack of information, as we provide nothing less than the accurate and latest health news that everybody needs to see for a better lifestyle and healthier life. You’ll know more about achieving the best body shape and extending your life like what doctors are saying, but with just a click of an article.

About Us

Medical news is usually limited in coverage; important discoveries only jump from one journal to another, seldom making it to mainstream news websites. That is why online platforms serve a significant impact on increasing visibility and awareness – it’s free, less restricted, and is much accessible to people of all ages. We at Gadsden Health aim to utilize this by being a reliable health news source for everyone, which becomes even more timely as time passes by, believing that if we continue putting out quality health reports and blog posts, we can reach more people and possibly make a big difference in the lives of each and every one of our readers. 

Gadsden Health’s primary goal is to provide the latest, most reliable health news and articles from a variety of topics as simple as weight-loss tips to the newest technology in the medical sector. We make sure that our committee of health professionals and bloggers are skilled and knowledgeable enough, constantly fact-checking information that gets released from trustworthy medical institutions, to attain this goal of ours. Most importantly, everyone with an experience or the knowledge to share is encouraged in our community that strives to educate and support people of the same interests. 

Our target readers are…everyone! As long as you are a human being with a body and family and friends to care about, then there’s definitely something in our array of articles that can spark your interest. Our content is for aspiring doctors, who can check out the current medical trends and technologies, health-conscious people, who want to know how to improve themselves holistically, people with certain symptoms who wants to get the gist of their physical conditions, and even random people who just happen to drop by because they read something about tips to having a slim body. We welcome those who are in need, curious, and are willing to be educated with open arms (and free dieting tips).

We provide timely and quality reports not limited to the do’s and don’ts of weight loss, the latest news and discoveries about cancer, risks and causes of diabetes and high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems (and how to avoid them), and other medical breakthroughs that slip out of the mass media’s radar. In addition to these serious issues, we have an assortment of content about food choices, mental health, fitness, and random health facts on our everyday life (like cosmetics, sleeping, or even teeth care). We also have blog posts detailing experiences from our responsible writers, in hopes that more people can read and relate to their stories and help them in the process.

Gadsden Health as your “survival guide”

We are not your typical “how to survive in the wilderness” kind of guide (although we do have info on healthy food choices when going camping!). Instead, all the news, reports, and stories that we contribute to our webpage are for how to survive in the long run (in other words, staying healthy and living longer). There is no specific “step” to “survival” in our books though – everyone has different needs and conditions.  What we can give are articles with as much variety in category as we can, keeping tabs on the latest developments from credible professionals and facilities, and helping build a community of people willing to contribute and help each other out. 

In a world where even diseases and unhealthy lifestyles evolve and grow as fast as innovations in medicine, let Gadsden Health act as your survival guide towards living longer and healthier, avoiding dangerous complications, and enjoying your life to the fullest. Broaden your knowledge and learn more about your doctor’s prescriptions so you can work together and provide each other with useful information. Pick up on newly discovered cures for grave diseases and pass it along to other people (share it on your social media!). Someone may need that information and you just saved their life.

Besides, what’s better than being up to date about real world events AND knowing how to survive in it?

Have an access to our health reports here.

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The Best-Reviewed Portable Oxygen Concentrators of 2020

If you think that oxygen concentrators mean you wouldn’t be able to move anywhere outside your room stuck with a heavy machine, then you might as well think again because in this modern decade, technology has gone past those struggles – the smaller and equally better portable oxygen concentrators are there to make everyone’s life better! Or specifically, for those with breathing-related problems that wanted the freedom to do tasks and travel like other people do.

But before diving into the most-awaited list, let’s get one question out there cleared:

What should I know before buying a portable oxygen concentrator?

Similar to any medical grade machines, users will need to be educated on the right prescriptions and regularly keep in contact with their assigned medical professionals. There are also other factors to smooth out, like your lifestyle, budget, wants, and the machine’s complex technologies.

Portable Oxygen Concentrator

But putting aside those technicalities – let’s talk about how portable oxygen concentrators lift a huge weight off a user’s shoulders. One of the highlights of POCs is that users can carry it anywhere – at home, outside, sometimes even during flight.

It allows people to do daily activities and build a sort of independence and freedom by delivering just the right amount of oxygen into your system. And with the way you can easily carry your oxygen concentrator on either your shoulders or mounted on a carry cart? There’s no other breathing device that can offer that kind of versatility and independence.

Also, never forget to always carefully check on specifications, product descriptions, and even your available budget while you’re at it!

Ranking the most popular and efficient POCs of the year

1. Inogen One G5

This is the newest model of Inogen’s innovative G series and is currently on par with being the most lightweight in terms of size and weight (4.7 lbs.) and a battery life that surpasses its rival models (with a whopping max. battery life of 13 hours with a double battery). Due to its combined portability, excellent oxygen per pound, and simple controls, Inogen One G5 is optimal for users with an active lifestyle without worrying about not getting enough oxygen. It is relatively cheaper than other POCs with an average pricing of $2,395.

Some of its other perks include:

  • Efficient pulse dose oxygen delivery
  • Clinically proven for day and night use
  • 1,260 mL oxygen output; 6 flow settings
  • 38 decibel noise
  • FAA approved
  • Compatible with CPAP and BiPAP machines
  • 90%+ oxygen concentration on all settings
  • Can be connected to its own application for monitoring and control

2. Inogen One G4

A predecessor of the newest G5, it’s features, and design can still be rivaled against popular portable oxygen concentrators despite being an older version. It is even lighter and cheaper than the G5 at 2.7 lbs. and $2,295, respectively, and can last up to 5 hours with a double battery, especially designed for the convenience of active users as it’s easy to bring anywhere.

The size and the 3 flow settings might deceive you in thinking that it’s less powerful, but it guarantees the user just enough oxygen burst during physical activity and matches your breathing pattern. After all, it does have an advanced trigger sensitivity and is also a comfortable breathing device during sleep.

3. Respironics SimplyGo

Going into the more weighty option, this oxygen concentrator offers both continuous and pulse dose oxygen flow that users can quickly switch to-and-fro, all while still being portable enough to carry around in a carry case or through a cart that you can purchase together in a package. It weighs 10 lbs., has a sleek design, and has a stable 2 liters per minute which also makes it compatible during travel. They also have a “Sleep Mode” option that switches to a peaceful and gentler performance and sensitivity while sleeping. At $2,495, the simply designed fully functional oxygen concentrator aims for a competitive price in the market.

Eclipse 5

It is a popular portable oxygen concentrator on the market, though a cart must be included in the purchase because of its 18.4 lbs. weight. Though, the handle is built to be very handy and convenient for adjustments. What it lacks in lightweight-ness and low amount of noise, it makes up for in its great features: a long battery life, maximum of 3 LPM, both continuous and pulse flow oxygen delivery, flexible, and has a technology that maintains your optimum oxygen levels.

ResMed Mobi

ResMed’s priced oxygen concentrator that has a pulse oxygen flow delivery and weighs a little more than 5 lbs., but it’s got an easy to use interface and another stylish, casual design on their units and carry cases that enables users to carry it around without much scrutiny. Though the Mobi only has 4 flow settings, the device can last up to 13 hours while on setting 1 and is great for small respiratory demands, all while being only a little over $2,000.